Fundraiser: Fun Run and Fitness Week


Thank you so much for supporting the PTA’s Fun Run. As of today, we have raised over $46,000 to support our school. This money will be used to purchase the remaining smart Epson projectors for every classroom, fund our Rain/Butterfly Garden and support the school in ways we could have never imagined. You can visit our fundraising site here to track our progress. The site will close on Friday.

This is the last week to of our Fairhill Fitness Week Fun Run. Thanks to everyone who participated. Let’s finish the final week strong, so we can reach our goal.

Remember, the Fun Run is 100% staff and parent volunteer-led which means the PTA will retain up to 90% of the profits! All proceeds will go toward completion of the projector project and funding the playground redesign project. Go to to share your Tigers page today!

If you have questions, please reach our to the Fairhill Fitness Week Team leads, Ricky Brown at, or Barbara Hayes at Thank you so much!

Right now donations total $52,329!