Due to Covid, we are currently not offering any before/after school programs for the school year of 2020-2021.

Registration has ended.

No classes when FCPS schools are closed, late start or released early due to inclement weather.   Classes will be rescheduled when possible. No make‐Up classes for absences. Email for questions regarding available scholarships.


Electronics with Minecraft Redstone
=> offered by STEMexCEL for Grades 1‐6 (Mondays @ 8:10am)
Electronics with Minecraft Redstone allows students to explore electronics in a virtual world with essentially infinity resources. Using Minecraft’s Redstone blocks, which act as wires on a breadboard, students can build constructs representing electrical circuits and simple computer projects that are built in the real world.
C o s t : $130/participant Register:

Introduction to Game Design
=> offered by STEMexCEL for Grades 1‐6 (Tuesdays @ 8:10am)
Introduces the fundamentals and concepts of game design within a real game engine many indie development teams currently use. Students learn to design and build their own game from the ground up, while learning 2d game art and programming logic with the engine’s integrated art software and easy‐to‐use events system; fit for beginners through advanced learners alike.
C o s t : $130/participant             Register:

=> offered by Silver Knights for Grades K‐6   (Wednesdays @ 8:10am)
Chess club is taught by experienced Silver Knights instructors using a curriculum developed by National Masters. Each weekly session is a mix oflearning and play. Playing chess is a great way to develop a child’s critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, and patience — all while having fun!
Cost: $124/participant Register:

Comic Book Illustration
=> offered by STEMexCEL for Grades 1‐6 (Thursdays @ 8:10am)
Let students explore the incredible world ofComic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! Students will learn about character development, story‐boarding, paneling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art styles.
Cost: $130/participant Register:

LEGO “ZooBots” Robotics
=> offered by Silver Knights for Grades 1‐6 (Fridays @ 8:10am)
ZooBots is a unit filled with animal bots that roll, waddle, walk and talk. Create the penguin on your first day of the club and progress to crocodiles, mudskippers, and gorillas.   Each week students make something new and learn how gears, simple machines and LEGO code work together to make something FUN!
Cost: $184/participant Register:


Hip Hop
=> offered by Kids in Motion for Grades K‐5 (Mondays @ 4:10pm)
Hip Hop dance is for kids in grades K‐5. This is also a high energy, exciting dance fitness class specifically designed for children, but with an emphasis on Hip Hop music. Classes are set up with kid friendly music, movements, and routines. Hip Hop is a great fit for children and it creates an environment of excitement around being healthy and active! Dance instructors are certified Zumba Kids instructors through Zumba International, which certifies them to teach 4‐12 year old children, or they are experienced hip hop.
Cost : $114/participant

=> offered by Fairfax Collegiate Society for Grades 3‐6 (Mondays @ 4:10pm)
Students learn to select convincing evidence and craft it into persuasive arguments, presenting their arguments within a structured debate setting and also observing and evaluating their fellow students. The course instructor offers frequent feedback and coaching to students.
Cost: $155/participant Register:

Let’s Paint!
=> offered by Fairhill instructor Barbara Mingo for Grades 1‐3 (Tuesdays @ 4:10pm)
Let’s paint!   Every week students will learn to improve their painting techniques.   We will paint figures, landscapes and abstract designs. Class size is limited to 14 participants only.   Class ends at 5:15pm.
Cost: $89/participant
Register: send email to

=> offered by Love the Ball for Grades K‐5 (Wednesdays @ 4:10pm) – beginning March 18th
In this 7 week program, students will learn new skills and make new friends in a safe and encouraging environment with professional, friendly coaches.
Cost: $99/participant

=> offered by STEMexCEL for Kindergarteners (Thursdays @ 4:10pm)
Kinder‐Tech is for kindergartners to learn about technology in a fun way, tailored to their age group! Students will develop an understanding for technology and STEM courses, while being supported by instructors who have been trained to educate this age. 
Cost: $130/participant         Register:

Intro to Computer Science & Coding
=> offered by STEMexCEL for Grades 1‐4 (Thursdays @ 4:10pm)
Intro to CS & Coding teaches programming logic without the requirement of learning a new language, making it the perfect foundation for any other computer science. Students start with hands‐on activities that help them learn vital concepts in a tangible way, then use our easy drag‐and‐drop interface to put their new knowledge into play, to create programs, solve
problems and even make games.
Cost: $130/participant Register:

=> offered by Kids in Motion for Grades K‐5 (Fridays @ 4:10pm)
Yoga is designed for children in grades K‐5. Yoga instructors use a variety of teaching methods and activities, such as poses, meditations, drawings, music, books, sing a longs, stories, and games to develop focus, flexibility, strength, and calmness. Session after session yoga is a continual promotion of doing your personal best, without competition. Children do yoga activities individually, in pairs, and as a group. Yoga Kid instructors may be certified through one of many Yoga organizations and receive further training by Kids in Motion certified Yoga Kids instructors.
Cost: $127/participant