No-Frills Fundraiser

This event took place mid October to November 10, 17. To all who donated, THANK YOU! 
As of Nov 29th, $8,519 was raised! The PTA is purchasing FOUR projectors for the classrooms because of your generosity. 
If you missed the event but still want to contribute, donations are always welcome. Go to, or share this page with family and friends as gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. 
Easily double your contributions by checking if your employer has a matching gift program. An additional $1,100 will be raised because of this, and will update the thermometer status as we receive them. 

To donate, please click here.

What is a “No-Frills Fundraiser?”

“No frills” means we are not selling anything! No calling friends and family members to buy candy, magazines, or sponsor laps; this year, we’re trying something new. We are simply asking for donations to help the PTA fund the priorities our teachers and staff have told us will make a difference in the curriculum and enhance learning for all children at Fairhill Elementary. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 via this fundraiser. That’s roughly $35 per student.


Is this goal achievable?

Yes! Did you know that last year Fairhill families helped us raise over $22,000 by supporting our Boosterthon fun run? However, by doing this “no-frills” fundraiser, the PTA will receive 100% of the donations, versus receiving only a portion of proceeds through other fundraising methods where expenses are involved. We also encourage you to share this website link with family and friends who would like to support your child's school through a tax-deductible donation. Many employers will generously match employee contributions. Check with your Human Resources Department to see if they have a company matching gift program.

Where does your 100% tax-deductible donation go?

BrightLink 695Wi

Last year, we were able to purchase new interactive projectors for 15 classrooms at a total cost of $29,400. In the 2017-18 school year, our goal is to purchase projectors for the remaining 10 classrooms, and begin a sustainability project on the playground, which will include natural habitats for science instruction and proper drainage. In addition, every year the PTA subsidizes field trips, funds school assemblies, and supports Fairhill staff throughout the year and during staff appreciation week as part of our normal operating budget.

Is it mandatory?

No, and even if you can’t donate, we encourage you to join the PTA, volunteer and participate in our fun events.


(Feel free to mail or drop off checks to "Fairhill PTA" to the school's  main office.)