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1. Online: www.Square1Art.com/Shop
2. Phone: 888-332-3294
3. Complete and return the Paper Order Form on the back of your child’s custom catalog.

Remember, your child’s access code is located in their catalog. All orders ship to the school. Orders deadline is Friday, November 22.
Square 1 Art

Ms. Flo and your Fairhill Tigers have been working very hard to create a special Square 1 art project.  Each grade level learned about a famous artist and their artwork as inspiration for their own unique Square 1 artwork. Each artist and artwork connects to the grade level themes in the FCPS fine arts curriculum.

Your child’s customized catalog will be sent home in early November. Won’t you help make your child feel like an accomplished artist by purchasing keepsakes for the whole family containing their masterpiece? The Fairhill PTA earns a profit from every order.  As a thank you for participating, Square 1 art will provide each child with a sheet of stickers imprinted with their artwork – absolutely FREE!

Together, we can help support our school, build your child’s self-esteem, and create lasting keepsakes from your child’s artistic achievements.

Kindergarten theme is self

Kindergarten “My Self Portrait”
Theme: Self
Sudents learned about shapes and the parts of a face. Students learned how to to draw their own self portraits color in their likeness!

1st grade theme is family

First Grade “Bouquet of Peace”
Theme: Family
First graders learned about Pablo Picasso’s drawing “Bouquet of Peace” and then created their own unique bouquet. Students participated in the fun and messy activity of making their own hand print with paint. Then, students drew their own bouquet of flowers in their hand to symbolize peace and happiness.

Van Gogh sunflower vase painting

Second Grade “Sunflower Garden”
Theme: Community
Second graders learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his famous “Sunflower” still life painting. Then students created their own unique sunflower for a community garden!

Third Grade “Celebration Cupcake”
Theme: Culture
Students learned about the artist Wayne Thiebaud and his famous dessert paintings. Students created their own unique celebration cupcake!

Fourth Grade “Action Figure”
Theme: Time
Students learned about the pop artist Keith Haring and his famous action figure art. Students created their own unique action figure showing movement!

Fifth Grade “Great Wave”
Theme: Globalization
Students learned about the artist Katsushika Hokusai’s painting “The Great Wave” and the symbols he used to represent his home country of Japan. Students created their own unique “Great Wave” painting with their choice of colors and patterns.

Sixth Grade “Identity Illumination”
Theme: Identity
Students learned about Illuminated Manuscripts and Pop Art. Students created their own “Illumination” of a personally significant letter and decorated with details that tell about their unique identity!