Square 1 Art Fundraiser

Even though we are learning remotely, the Square 1 Art program must go on! The team at Square 1 Art has redesigned their program to operate in our new digital world. This year, our students will create their masterpieces at home on their own time using any materials they choose (crayons, paints, construction paper, etc). Once complete, parents will follow the instructions on the Square 1 site to prepare the art, photograph it and upload it to the Square 1 site. After the art has been uploaded, families can shop from the online catalog of keepsakes. Orders will be shipped directly to the students’ houses instead of the school.

Students may create their art on any piece of 8×8 paper. They do not need to use the Square 1 template. For more tips on how to make the best art possible, click here

Looking for some support with your project? Join Ms. Flo’s art master class and she will help your artist with their project.

Students may upload and order their keepsakes at any time throughout the school year.

Details on how to participate in the digital Square 1 Art program are below. From the site, you will find tips on creating pieces that will translate nicely to keepsakes and instructions for uploading the artwork. If you have any questions, you can contact Square 1 Art Customer Care (contact below) or email [email protected]

How to Participate

  1. Create art (see tips here)
  2. Photograph and upload art
  3. Shop the Square 1 Art keepsake catalog

Ready to start? Click here

Locating Uploaded Artwork

Uploaded your child’s art but cannot find it? Just click Art Search to find your child’s art.

Square 1 Art Customer Care Info

Square 1 Art Customer Care