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    howardWhen did you realize you wanted to become a librarian?

    I have always loved books and reading and working with kids, but when I was a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, I had an amazing school librarian who inspired me to become a librarian. So I went back to school so I could be one!

    What made you want to teach at a librarian in an elementary school?

    Elementary is such a lovely experience! I get to see kids grow and develop so much in the long time they’re here.  And the books are SUPER fun! 

    Name something you would like to improve upon.

    I’m not very good at prioritizing exercise. I should do better for myself!.

    Which school/university did you attend?   

    I got my teaching degree at Auburn University (War Eagle!), and my library degree at the University of South Carolina.

    What do you think of Fairhill? Why do you think this is the right school for you?

    When I interviewed with Mrs. Morgan (on the computer—I was living overseas at the time), she took me (on the screen) around Fairhill to see the school and meet some teachers. It just felt like “home”! I love our Fairhill community!

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