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    Mr. Mitchell, School Counselor

    When did you realize you wanted to become a teacher?
    After graduating from college with a degree in Psychology, I worked for a research project at Penn State University where I worked with elementary school aged children in several rural areas of Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed the work and found that I could connect pretty well with the young children in the program. A little later a friend encouraged me to go back to school and get my degree in School Counseling. I’m very happy I listened to him.

    What made you want to teach at an elementary school?
    I enjoy the fun and humor of elementary aged students. Middle school and high school students terrify me.

    Name something you would like to improve upon.
    I would like to improve my basketball skills for our annual Fairhillbasketball game. I continually feel like the guy who brings down the team. I will improve this year.

    Which school/university did you attend?
    I attended Penn State University for my undergraduate and graduate work.

    What do you think of Fairhill? Why do you think this is the right school for you?
    For 20 years I have enjoyed working at Fairhill. In the same office and at the same desk. I never get tired of my work as the challenges of my job change year to year. I feel lucky to be at Fairhill all these years and hope to finish my last 10 years here. I love it here.







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