How to further your donation with Matching Gift Programs

Contact your company’s Human Resources Department or search the company website for “Matching gift program” and/or “Donations for education.” Either a phone call, email, or online form may be their procedure for submitting the request. Keep the email donation confirmation you received to submit with your form or email us at and for other forms of verification should it be required. (The PTA’s tax ID code is at the bottom of the email confirmation.)

Your company may have several specific criteria to be met, i.e., 50%, 100% or even 200% of your donation amount, a minimum of $25 or maximum of $1200 per calendar year, a time deadline such as January 31st of the following year of your donation, or goes towards education organizations or non-profit charitable organization such as 501(c)(3). It is at their discretion. Review the guidelines and submit as soon as possible.

All future donations received-whether they are from company matching gifts or regular donations the rest of the school year-will still go towards our goal of the remaining six interactive projectors for classrooms and then towards the sustainable playground.

Examples of matching gift programs are here.