Why join the PTA?

·  Community: The PTA provides opportunities for parents, teachers and staff to work together as a community of caring adults to help our children learn and grow.

·  Have a voice: The PTA is a place to share ideas, learn about the school and students, get involved with student classes, and have fun.  It’s a great place to help improve your school. See a problem…work through the PTA to get it resolved.

·  Stay connected: Getting connected with teachers, staff, parents and other students is the best way to learn about what’s going on at Fairhill.

·  Improve Fairhill: PTA Membership dues and donations make Fairhill a better school by supporting teacher training, subsidizing field trips, and providing cultural experiences for the students.

·  No obligation: Although highly encouraged, joining the PTA does not obligate you to volunteer or attend PTA meetings.

·  Get involved: It directly benefits your student(s)! Children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school.

How To Join:

Complete the online form below and be redirected to Paypal. Membership fee is $10 per person, per year. If you prefer, you may send the form below and a check made out to “Fairhill PTA” and “membership” in the notes to the school office (address below).

(If you have difficulty with online payment, fill out the form first, then go to website: to make an online payment. Be sure to write “Membership” in the notes.