Staff Appreciation Week

The week of May 3-7 is Staff Appreciation Week.  Normally, the PTA and our Principals would have a fabulous week of treats planned for the staff at Fairhill.  Due to covid restrictions, we have revised the plan.  Although we are not able to celebrate the Fairhill staff in person, we have come up with pandemic-friendly ways to thank them. 

Here is our plan:

1.  The PTA will sponsor a lunch for staff that they can pick up at school.  

2.  The PTA will assemble a goodie bag of treats for each staff member.  We will attach little notes to each of the items in the goodie bag to brighten their day.  

We kindly request that families donate the items for the goodie bags.  We have created a sign up genius found here where you can sign up to purchase an item or donate money that the PTA will use to purchase treats for the bags.  All contributions should be delivered to the Fairhill office by Thursday, April 29.  

This year, we are going to try something new to help make it as easy as possible to contribute.  In the sign up genius, you will find a link to an Amazon wishlist.  You may purchase from the wishlist and have your contribution sent directly to the school. Please enter your Amazon order on the sign up genius so that we can track quantities.  Also, please ensure that your order will be delivered by Thursday, April 29.  

3.  We also have a schedule of fun ways that you and your students can virtually thank our staff.

Monday:  Email a photo of your student holding a homemade sign or picture to your favorite teachers/staff.

Tuesday: Email a funny joke to your favorite teachers/staff.

Wednesday:  Parents, send an email of thanks to your favorite teachers/staff.

Thursday: Enter your favorite teachers in the Virginia Lottery Thank a teacher program.  Students can send teachers an e-card through the program and teachers can enter to win a Virginia vacation and $5,000 for our school.  To participate, click here  

Friday:  Have your student draw a picture of a flower and email a photo of it to your teacher.

For a flyer of the events, please click here.   (Flyer design credit goes to a Fairhill student, flyer created by FroggyTiger50)

Families are also welcome to send their own gift to a favorite teacher.  Looking for an idea?  How about a Scholastic gift card?  Building up and updating a classroom library can be expensive.  Click here to access the Scholastic gift card store.